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The +Record Player threw a mighty magnificent soundstage, the music coming from well beyond its boxy enclosure.

— Ken Micallef


The+Record Player created incredible, room-filling sound. How room-filling you might ask? Let’s just say I enjoyed watching people, one after another, disbelieve that the sound was coming from the turntable and start searching for larger speakers hidden somewhere in the room. Best of all, the built-in-speakers didn’t effect vinyl playback.

— Theo Nickloakis


The+Record Player's sound was warm and inviting, and the stereo spread was convincing enough I didn't at first notice all the sound was coming from The+Record Player cabinet. Nice!

— Steve Guttenberg (The Audiophiliac)


The sound was sensationalThe spacious, non-processed sounding music produced by [THE+RECORD PLAYER] was beyond all expectations

— Michael Fremer

Gone are the days of needing an entire room to fit all your audio equipment. The all-in-one design of the +Record Player let's you experience your records, radio, bluetooth and even TV audio and with some fancy English engineering it won't take a masters degree to set up. Simply plug & play, it's hi-fi made easy. 


Take your all-in-one listening to the next level with the +Record Player Special Edition. Upgrade your sound with the 2M Red cartridge and a carbon fibre tone arm. Designed with precision in mind the +Record Player Special Edition is a no-holds-barred listening experience.

Designed for the enthusiast. Built for everyone.


The +Record Player Green Guide Review


"Here's the big plus; it can be built upon. The internal speakers and amp can be bypassed should you decide to start adding seperate speakers, more power, or a few more sources like streamers or CD players."


"As a starter system its therefore brilliant, but it works so well there's every chance you'll never get around to adding stuff."
- Rod Easdown

Steeped in the traditions of classic wireless broadcasting, the +Radio evokes sentiments embedded in the golden age of radio. A time of mystery serials, soap operas and situation comedies, the wireless kept both families entertained, shoulder to shoulder in the family home, and the workforce informed.


The elegant design of our circular OLED display portal is your window into a world of music. Indicating both the time and date in standby mode, as well as both station and artists details when powered, its display brightness is effortlessly controlled via a single button press.

Returning to a time of skilled technicians and true artisanship, each + RADIO DAB + is meticulously crafted in a careful selection of traditional rosewood, oak, and walnut cabinets as well as soft lacquered finishes to ensure a lifetime of listening.


Experience your +Radio in Stereo, paired with any +Radio the elegant matching finish and unique driver technology of the +Speaker delivers an audiophile-grade listening experience - without the price tag.

For a limited time only, purchase the +Radio & The +Speaker and you'll receive $100 off at checkout.