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Courageous Woman Throw
Courageous Woman Throw

Courageous Woman Throw


The Courageous Woman collection is inspired by the strong women who are speaking up and showing up to fight evil and blaze the path to world peace. Celebrating incredible women such as Malala Yousafzai.

These pieces are a cozy reminder to be brave and bright, let your lovely light shine through the darkness and to let your voice be heard through the silence. Featuring female silhouettes representing the unstoppable strength, resilience, and courage that women possess.

Knitted using recycled cotton and sustainable fibers which we feel only adds to their appeal.

A portion of the profits directly goes to the Malala Fund to support the goal of world peace through empowering girls with education.


80% recycled cotton & 20% Poly. 127 x 152 cm. (50 x 60 inches). Made in USA.


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