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Our artisan quilts are incredibly durable and require occasional care. Here's how to maximise the life of your handprinted quilt.

For any quilt, the less washing the better, but they do love a bit of regular maintenance and TLC.

To get many years out of your quilt, it is always best to have a top sheet between yourself and the quilt, (not that we think you’re dirty!). Your quilt should really only need cleaning once or twice a year. In between washes it can be refreshed with an airing outside away from harsh sunlight.

Guide to Washing your Quilt

Dry Cleaning

If you wish to have your quilt dry cleaned, It's best to be sure that the company has experience with cleaning delicate cotton filled quilts.

Machine Wash

If you would like to machine wash, then we recommend only doing so in a front loader machine as they are gentler than top loaders. A cold delicate cycle with mild detergent will do the trick. The printing is colour fast, but if left for hours while wet, there could be a slight risk of colour transference, so be sure to not leave your quilt in the machine for too long after cycle completion.

Letting it Dry

The cotton filling in your quilt has been handstitched to the outer quilt shell, so when it is wet after washing, take care not to allow the weight of the wet quilt to pull or break this stitching. You’re best to fold it in four &  place it over the clothes line so that the uppermost quarter of it is drying at a time without it draping. You can than refold to dry the remaining sections. Once it is nearly fully dry and therefore getting back to being feather light, drape the quilt to get the air out of it. Slightly labour intensive, but hopefully you won’t need to do this often.

Continued Care

If you are like many of our customers, then pets on the bed may be an issue. They should be encouraged to sleep on top of another cover that can be placed along the width of the quilt at the foot of the bed.

To breathe some new life into your quilt you can also hang it outside in the shade and allow the fresh air to rejuvenate it for you.

About your Quilt

The cotton voile of your quilt has been printed by hand using carved wooden blocks in a revered craft that dates back many hundreds of years. Thanks to purchases such as yours, these arts live on and new artisans are being trained and are able to establish their own micro-businesses.

We have had our Maven & Kit shop for a little over 4 years, so cannot make any wild claims beyond that length of time, but we do regularly have Indian quilt devotees (it’s definitely a thing) who come in and say that they have managed to get up to ten years out of their favourite quilts. This is often said with a tear in their eye as they reminisce.