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About us

The About Us is actually about you, or should we say, All of Us.

So, just for context, Maven & Kit is a small family business, founded in 2001. As the second generation joined the ranks we felt it was time to transition from our wholesaling background to the new world of retail, and so began our search for the perfect location. In 2014 we found the ideal place to put down roots, nestled in one of Melbourne’s bustling and diverse cultural hubs. Brunswick Street, Fitzroy has now been the site of our bricks and mortar store and HQ for the past 4 years and we have been thrilled with how the community has welcomed us with open arms and fostered our growth. Energised by our new location and young blood we have thrown ourselves into the business with few preconceived ideas, but essential core values.

The Collective Us is about our clients, partners, staff and friends. Our Fitzroy shop, bursting at the seams with unique and thoughtful offerings, is a place where many locals and frequent visitors from interstate and overseas drop by, have a cup of tea and say hi. Besides enriching our day, this gives us terrific and immediate feedback about our product lines which has helped us shape a collection that reflects our collective values and aesthetic taste. What we’ve found is that our clients - you - want products that are both beautiful and here for the long term. We are all over disposable consumerism. We want to know where our products have come from and that they are strong and that they feel good because they are made from natural fibres such as gorgeous cotton, cashmere, wool and silk.

Sourcing from businesses both large and small, our principal beliefs are at the forefront of all our decision making. We love that we know who has made our goods and that our purchases are fostering artisans and small businesses in other parts of the world, ensuring that they thrive. Keeping traditional methods and techniques of producing goods alive through our purchases is immensely rewarding, and in turn, imparting the stories behind how those products are made is a particular delight. When choosing to deal with larger companies, we select those that have a focus on social enterprise such as incorporated philanthropy programs.  

Listening to what matters to you, coupled with our values we have selected a unique and diverse collection of goods that we feel are a reflection of both of ‘Us’. So thank you for being a part of Maven & Kit when you choose to support us.

If you are ever in Melbourne, a visit to Brunswick Street, Fitzroy is a must - so please drop by and say hi.