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Blue Topiary Tablecloth
Blue Topiary Tablecloth

Blue Topiary Tablecloth


Handmade in small batches using ancient textile tradition, the Blue Topiary Tablecloth is produced with the work of many skilled artisans. Starting with the intricate carving of multiple wooden blocks that will eventually make up the overall pattern, this amazing process involves many hands. The Blue Topiary Tablecloth's design comes to life layer by layer as the dye is applied to the fabric, making each item unique in pattern due to the manual placement of the tessellating blocks. A tremendous amount of teamwork and skilled craftsmanship goes into making these artworks to grace your table. We are proud to be part of the process that helps these artisans preserve and uphold the classic tradition of block printing.
150 x 220 cm and fully hemmed.
100% Cotton.
Ethically sourced & hand printed by local artisans in Jaipur, India.

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